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Houston Tree Care and Services

Wherever you live in Houston, the professionals at Ability Tree Experts can improve the look of your property. Our arbor specialists offer a range of services from tree care for excellent growth to tree removal for a safe, neat garden or green space.

Owner Louis Flory has 30 years curing diseased and infected trees, so please call us if you notice dead limbs or other sign of tree disease. You may be surprised to find your tree can be remediated instead of removed.

  • Tree Care

    — We offer services such as deep root feeding and Mycorrhizal Treatment to keep your trees as green and healthy as possible for as long as possible. Both these techniques are used to promote growth in trees that may have lacked nutrients or moisture for various reasons. We also provide treatment appropriate for each season, so your trees will stay vital and provide an excellent complement to your home or business.
  • Tree Trimming

    — Tree trimming keeps your trees looking fantastic. Our experienced arborists can selectively cut branches and foliage from any tree to give it an improved appearance and to structure its growth.
  • Tree Pruning

    — Pruning prevents limb breakage and tree uprooting during high-wind storm events, such as hurricanes. By cutting some branches, we ensure wind can pass through your tree instead of pushing against it and exerting force.
  • Tree Removal

    —Whether your tree is dying, presenting a danger, or needs to be removed for construction, we can cut it and remove it from your property.
  • Stump Grinding

    —Stumps may be the last piece left in a very large tree, but they can be the hardest of all to remove. We use heavy-duty equipment to safely break up hardwood stumps, eliminating unsightly aspects of your yard and giving you space for landscaping.

There are many different services we provide at Ability Tree Experts. Owner Louis Flory is passionate about tree care and landscaping, and has seen just about every tree problem and has worked on every tree species in Houston. Let him examine your trees and determine an appropriate solution that will provide you with years of value.

Please call us at (281) 441-4179 to set up an appointment for your home or business.

Let Louis evaluate the health of your trees. Call for an appointment (281) 441- 4179. Licensed and Insured for Your Protection. Member of the National Arborist Association and Tree Care Industry Association.
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