Pre-Construction ConsultationHouston Tree Doctor

At Ability Tree Experts, we have the experience, equipment, and expertise to cure ailing trees. If you think you may be experiencing tree or shrub disease or an insect infestation, please call us. We can perform a thorough diagnosis of your plants to determine the proper treatment.

We help home and business owners keep their trees healthy. We are licensed and certified to operate professional tree service equipment, keeping your trees robust and green for many years.

Disease and Pest Control

If you notice unusual decay or bugs on your trees, they could be in danger of dying. Pests like the Elm Leaf Beetle and diseases like Fireblight can ruin trees. We know Texas trees and pests extremely well. Our professional tree spraying promotes recovery in the toughest situations.

Tree Care Services

Texas weather can be tough on trees. Maintain their health with regular treatments, and recover ailing trees with bio-stimulants.

  • Deep Root Feeding
  • Mycorrhizal Treatment
  • Seasonal Treatments

Construction Consultation and Remediation

See us before a major construction or remodeling project. We can develop a plan to prevent the possibility of heavy machinery breaking roots. And if your trees are in danger of dying due to construction damage, we can apply treatments.

Tree Cabling


Sometimes, older trees like oak and pecan develop large branches that conflict with surrounding developments. Cutting those branches not only looks bad, it may kill the tree. We apply cables to elevate the tree canopy and keep your trees healthy.

Tree Services for Houston Area Homes and Businesses

Owner Louis Flory is an acknowledged arborist who has spoken with Houston media outlets about Gulf Coast tree care issues. He and his staff are insured for your financial protection, and they have the certifications to use professional arboriculture equipment.

Let Louis develop an individual plan to recover your unhealthy landscape, or to ensure your healthy trees stay that way. Our services add value to any property, and you can avoid unnecessary tree deaths.

Please call us at (281) 441-4179 to set up an estimate.